[pmwiki-users] Reorganizing our Wiki

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Tue Jul 9 12:24:31 CDT 2013

You can override the #default pagelist template (or create one of your own) so that after the title the listing will show any "Summary:" page text variable provided. For example:

(:template defaults list=normal:)
(:template first {=$Group}":)
(:if !equal "{<$Group}" "" :)
(:template each:)
-<%blue indent%[[{=$FullName}|+]]%%   [-{=$:Summary}-]\\

Then the problem becomes to get users to enter a "Summary:" line on each page. Since that means entering plain text, it's probably easier than asking them to enter category markup.

Good luck,


>Unless one can relate the page content to the page name, this isn't very helpful.

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