[pmwiki-users] How to export (:pagelist ...:) to a file e.g text/plain

Sinan Kaan Yerli sinan at sinan.physics.metu.edu.tr
Tue Jan 22 06:40:57 CST 2013

Dear PmWiki Users,

I was using pmwiki on a moderate level. Whenever I have started to use
(:form and then installed (:fox I saw the possibilities and now I see
the power of pmwiki more easily.

Recently, I couldn't manage to have a solution to the following problem:
	* Use (:pagelist fmt=#myformat name=some?reg*exp ...
	* It combines all the info and lists them with "#myformat"
	* On the web page, I have no problem. Everybody is happy.
	* However if I want to have a TAB-DELIMITED-TEXT of /this/
	  search I can write a prober #mytabformat ...ermmm.. but it
	  will be listed /again/ on the web page.
	* How could I redirect /this formatted/ output to a mimetype?
	  Do I have to introduce an ?action=export ...
	  If so how could I start the download of this data (i.e
	  download starts immediately without having a page to show).
	  Any working/experimental examples?

That's the point I am stuck. What I do as a work around is to

Am I missing something? Any RTFM?

thanks in advance,

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