[pmwiki-users] fox permissions problem after upgrade

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Wed Jan 16 03:21:21 CST 2013

Hello Adam,

can you do some standard fox debugging, by
1. disable the redirect=... temporarily;
2. use (:foxmessages:) to get error messages (redirect needs to be
disabled for this); (probably would just say that there is no target)
3. in fox.php near the top set $FoxDebug = 4; or higher temporarily.

The last should give you extensive details of what fox receives from
the form, and how it is processed. Especially check for target and
how it is processed.
From what you wrote it is not clear to me how 'target' is
constructed, i.e. what your foxfilter does for instance.

Best regards,
mailto:design at softflow.co.uk

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