[pmwiki-users] fox permissions problem after upgrade

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Tue Jan 15 21:02:10 CST 2013

still haven't figured out the problem, but here are some updates that might help narrow the cause:

* i'm using 3 input-selects for the yearmonthday that should results in Group.YYYYMMDD
* my fox target={$$year}{$$month}{$$day}
* i've confirmed that when this target is hardcoded with a value like 20130115, the fox comment works as expected -> Group.YYYYMMDD is created, with the appropriate template used, etc. this suggests to me that the YYYYMMDD from the input-select-boxes aren't reaching Fox, and so no page is being created.
* i'm using a foxfilter on the page that checks the date for problems. i've done some debugging and that filter is working exactly as expected, and indeed the year, month, and day are getting into Fox exactly as expected. ($fields["year"] = $matches[1], $fields["month"], $fields["day"] all have the correct values).

beyond that i'm not sure what to do.
at this point it does NOT seem like a FoxPagePermissions issue.
could it be there's something different or changed with how (:input select … :) works now? or how Fox processes variables like {$$year}? here's my main fox code:

(:fox cbox put=bottom template=FoxTemplates.FoxEventTemplate target={$$year}{$$month}{$$day} redirect={*$Group}/{*$PagenameNoSuffix}{$commentAnchor} cancelredirect={*$Group}/{*$PagenameNoSuffix}{$commentAnchor}:)

any other ideas for what might be going wrong?
thanks again for the help.

On 15 Jan 2013, at 4:43 PM, adam overton wrote:

> hi there
> my host just upgraded their server from PHP 5.2.x to 5.3.19
> and so as a result i then updated a website from pmwiki v.2.2.2 to 2.2.46. so far everything seems to work fine except that some of my fox comment boxes are not working. regular comments that post to a preexisting page seem to work fine, but other comments that *create* pages using name Group.20130115 are not getting created.
> i'm wondering if anyone off the top of their head might know of some major or minor change in the PmWiki distro that might be causing this to fail. i get no php error messages.
> a couple things about my setup:
> i just updated my fox installation by doing the following:
> upgraded fox.php    		2009-05-15 => 2012-10-25
> upgraded foxedit.php		2009-05-11 => 2012-02-25
> left foxdelete.php alone	2008-07-12 (current)
> left foxnotify.php alone	2008-05-19 (i made a variation on this version)
> i also re-investigated all my $FoxPagePermissions and everything seems like it should be in order. these settings have worked for years:
> 	if (CondAuth($pagename,'admin')) {
> 		$FoxPagePermissions['*.*'] = 'all'; 
> 	} 
> 	elseif (CondAuth($pagename,'edit')) {
> 		$FoxPagePermissions['*.*'] = 'add,delete'; 
> 		$FoxPagePermissions['$group.*'] = 'all';  // replace necessary to be able to delete pages...
> 	} 
> 	elseif (CondAuth($pagename,'read')) {
> 		# try only allowing for either Index page or current ScorePage
> 		if ( !preg_match($coregroups_preg,$group) && ( $name=="Index" || PageExists($pagename) ) ) {
> 			$FoxPagePermissions['$group.$name'] = 'add,delete';
> 		} else { # coregroups...
> 			$FoxPagePermissions['*.*'] = 'add';
> 		}
> 		$FoxPagePermissions['FoxNotifyLists.*'] = 'add,delete'; // hans suggestion to permit deletion of notification emails...
> 		$FoxPagePermissions['*.20??????'] = 'add,delete'; ## permits ability to delete calendar events (delete link, however, is only allowed to edit-users and those with the same sessionID as when the comment was created...
> 		$FoxPagePermissions['*.19??????'] = 'add,delete'; ## permits ability to delete calendar events (delete link, however, is only allowed to edit-users and those with the same sessionID as when the comment was created...
> 	}
> any thoughts based on this?
> happy to send more details if this is too cryptic.
> thanks for the help.
> adam

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