[pmwiki-users] <p> in advanced tables

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Jan 7 05:19:02 CST 2013

Oliver Betz writes:
> thanks, I will try that (but not try to understand).

It inserts a line break in the source if you havent't inserted it yourself.

> Do you think that everything should be wrapped in <p> even if there is
> only one line of text in the source?

No I don't. Both ways are valid HTML transitional. But if someone requires  
one, there is a way to have it.

> I guess it would make the handling in PmWiki simpler, but I'm not sure
> what HTML purists think about *).

I guess that if someone noticed there is a difference and it bothers him so  
much, he would simply insert a line break on the wiki page.

> Do you think this should be changed in a future PmWiki release to get
> consistent results?

I am reluctant to change it. Not only both ways are valid HTML transitional.  
I'm sure that if knowledgeable and purist authors have a table cell starting  
on the same line, upgrading to a new version will insert <p> paragraph tags  
they didn't ask for and possibly break their layout. :-)

> Shall I create a PITS entry?

It may be a good way to see if this feature is needed by many people.


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