[pmwiki-users] Pagelist - password protected site (but with read: @nopass) - list doesn't show

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Fri Aug 30 09:04:09 CDT 2013


I implemented a page list based on the idee of EasyGallery  
What I remarked is, that it can be very irritating, when a template is  
not correctly ended. I guess the en ending (:if:) statment is missing  
here http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/EasyGalleryTemplate

I put the (:pagelist:) in Category/GroupHeader

For test I implemented the [[#gallery#]] in the same file as (:pagelist..:)
The strange thing is - even when the GroupAttributes for read are  
@nopass the pagelist doesn't show anything (but no password is not  
prompted with @nopass, what we want).

I don't know, wether it's a bug or a configuration issu on my ->pmwiki 2.2.52
But I could resolve the problem, when moving the template to  

thanks for the good work with pmwiki.

Patrick Ogay

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