[pmwiki-users] GoDaddy Issues with pmWiki and password protected pages.

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Aug 16 14:15:03 CDT 2013

Tamara Temple writes:
> I have to say at this point, I'm stumped. Petko might have better luck. I  
> *think* I've seen this problem in another context, using FastCGI with PHP  
> (which is what godaddy web hosting is doing), but I cannot think how it was  
> resolved. GD uses an ancient version of PHP by now, which throws all sorts  
> of concern. However, I tried some old and reeeeallly old versions of pmwiki,  
> to no avail.
> I just tested the lastest pmwiki (2.2.54) on one of my Godaddy web hosting  
> plans. Straight out of the box, not modifications at all. The main page  
> should be editable. The response after clicking on the 'save' button is the  
> error you reported: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. When I refresh the page and click on  
> the `View` link in page actions, the page is shown, and the editing is in  
> place. I've not used pmwiki on godaddy's shared web hosts before, but I know  
> others have.

If there is a way to go into the admin console or control panel provided by  
your hosting provider, try to change the PHP version to a different one. It  
can be either in a dropdown select box or among a list of radio buttons, or  
it may also be something that has to be added to the root .htaccess file,  
and then test the wiki.

A while ago, someone had a problem which looked very much like yours and the  
reason was a misconfiguration of the Apache:CGI/FastCGI interface. I had to  
log into that server via FTP and do some editing and tests in realtime, but  
it was clearly not related to PmWiki: any script accepting POST-ed content,  
saving a page and redirecting, couldn't work. So we just enabled a different  
PHP version which was available on that server.

Maybe you can imagine that many people use PmWiki in many different  
environments and it appears to work, and the problem might be that your  
specific configuration is not completely compatible. I suppose that when a  
number of customers complain that their various software doesn't work, the  
hosting provider may admit that the reason is somewhere on the server side.  
On their home page there is a prominent section about friendly support  
including forums and telephone. There is also Google search for people  
having the same error with eg. Wordpress and trying to fix it.

If someone can send me (privately) an FTP or SSH access for an account at  
GoDaddy, I'll try to find some time to look into it. My public SSH key, if  
required, is here: http://5ko.fr/petko-ssh-key.pub .


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