[pmwiki-users] Not able to view "Attached:" files with new directory structure

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Sep 18 15:31:06 CDT 2012

David Sovinski writes:
> But I changed the directory structure for the new site. Previously I had  
> "wiki" as the base directory and farm1 and farm2 as subdirs of  
> "wiki"  (wiki/farm1 and wiki/farm2). Now I have "wiki", farm1, and farm2 all  
> at the same directory level. So I now access the farms as  
> www.MyDomain.com/farm1 instead of www.MyDomain.com/wiki/farm1
> Everything seems to work as before BUT the display of jpg's
> If I Upload a file to farm1 it is placed in  
> farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg as I expect but it will not display. It  
> must see the jpg in farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg as it does not ask me  
> to upload the file again.

What happens if you try to open the uploaded jpg file directly in your  
   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg ?
   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/uploads/GrpName/ ?
   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/uploads/ ?
   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/ ?

If you get a message "Access forbidden", it is possible that this is related  
to the filesystem permissions of the farm1/uploads directory. You should  
read the documentation of your server and allow the server process to read  
and scan the files in that directory, including all files and subdirectories.

Otherwise, this could be caused by some configuration of the server. If you  
have a "hidden" .htaccess file in that directory, and your server is apache,  
you should see if this file doesn't forbid the access to this directory.


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