[pmwiki-users] Not able to view "Attached:" files with new directory structure

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Tue Sep 18 11:09:28 CDT 2012

I am having difficulty viewing *.jpg files in my new domain directory 
structure using pmwiki 2.2.42. (Also previous versions. I upgraded to 
current version to see if the problem was solved)
I had the viewing of jpg's working fine under one domain. I copied all 
the files to a new domain on the same server.

But I changed the directory structure for the new site. Previously I had 
"wiki" as the base directory and farm1 and farm2 as subdirs of "wiki"  
(wiki/farm1 and wiki/farm2). Now I have "wiki", farm1, and farm2 all at 
the same directory level. So I now access the farms as 
www.MyDomain.com/farm1 instead of www.MyDomain.com/wiki/farm1

Everything seems to work as before BUT the display of jpg's
If I Upload a file to farm1 it is placed in 
farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg as I expect but it will not display. 
It must see the jpg in farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg as it does not 
ask me to upload the file again.

If I put the same file reference in wiki/wiki.d/Main.HomePage it 
properly uploads it to wiki/uploads/Main/FileName.jpg and will display 

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