[pmwiki-users] MergeSimulEdits

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Sep 16 09:54:47 CDT 2012

Carlos AB writes:
> What is the impact of not having simultaneous edit working (not using diff3  
> and now without the php class that use to do the same job) when you edit a  
> page.

In case the page was edited and saved by another author while you were  
making changes, and there is no diff3 utility on the server, you will be  
sent back to editing mode and a warning will be shown:

  The page you are editing has been modified
  since you started editing it.  If you continue, your
  changes will overwrite any changes that others have made.

If you save the page now, your changes will be saved.

> Does  $DiffFunction comes from simultaneous edit?

No, it comes from scripts/phpdiff.php, unless an admin has set a different  
function, for example http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/SysDiff .

It works like the diff program, not the diff3 program, and creates the  
differences between:
  1. two versions of a FULL page to be STORED as page history
  2. two versions of a LINE to be DISPLAYED in the page history as  
     highlighted inline word-diffs since version 2.2.12.

> What kind of problems can come from not having a proper MergeSimulEdits  
> feature?

You will see the warning above, and if you ignore it, you may lose (in the  
page history) a valid edit from another author. Actually, it is more lileky  
to happen the other way around: a less experienced author ignoring and  
losing a change made by you.


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