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Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 19:04:41 CDT 2012

Please disregard my last e-mail to the list, as I have not included a
subject line, please reply to this e-mail only.

I'm sorry, reading too much code.

The original e-mail is bellow the line.


What is the impact of not having simultaneous edit working (not using diff3
and now without the php class that use to do the same job) when you edit a
page. I'm also intrigued about $DiffFunction inside the function PostPage,
because I don't know from where it comes from.

Does  $Difffunction comes from simultaneous edit? Nope...

I don't know if I'm creating a relationship between things that have no
relation whatsoever... I'm sorry, I'm a little bit confused.

My question is :

What kind of problems can come from not having a proper MergeSimulEdits

Please, you don't have to answer that right away.

Best regards,

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