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Wed Oct 3 10:58:50 CDT 2012

Hi, Petro
I need a few days to think and experiment; but, I have found in the past that htaccess is supposed to work as you say; that is, from a single file in a directory covering all sub-directories; but in reality, putting htaccess code such as I have used in each subdirectory makes it more reliable, and doesn't hurt anything.
The shift from my server page-opener (iPage Php - with whom I've had a lot slowdown-breaks-and support desk calls for page-non-opening) to Apache AddType plus rewrite (not redirect) code, speeds and improves from a point of reliability my page opening to where it is as good, or better than AOL (asp) using Comcast, a well-known internet provider. 
AddHandler slows page-opening, but increases reliability where edit-save, and other operations are concerned.
That covers most of your points; however, I will keep your crit on the top of my site, and continue to study it.
I would say that people should be given a chance to try the coding out on their systems; that is, if they have Apache, or intend to install it. If it works for them, we can chalk up disparities to the mystery factor; it's just too hard to know who has written what over the years, and where it is now to account for what is actually happening.
It won't break anything; and if it does, I have made clear that they should have a zip or tar file of their site ready to inflate and overwrite the broken site, if they don't have a working serverside backup utility.

prinoer at aol.com

prinoer at aol.com

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