[pmwiki-users] Answer to Petro's points and critique

John prinoer at aol.com
Wed Oct 3 10:31:47 CDT 2012

Hi, Petro; I've received and read your critique.
My coding was done in a hurry; I'm going to copy-paste your critique and go through it point by point. You must know how much work is involved in testing everything out. There's a big question of reliability, as well; my coding addresses that, choosing to include the Apache AddHandler line to make PmWiki edit-save and other non-page-opening operations more reliable.
It took me over a week of testing, writing, testing and returning again to my writing to get where I am. Just as long as my coding "mistakes" don't slow anything, I guess they can stand, for the time being. 
Thank you for the input; it might save me a lot of embarassment down the road if I'm identified with this system of speeding page-loading in the future and it becomes popular.

Point: I use .js  in PmWiki with the (:html:) markup. Since it's a cgi script, I include it in the Apache Handler and AddType lines. Javascript works much better in my PmWiki pages, now. It was very balky and uncertain before I used Apache htaccess AddHandler and AddType to parse and display it.
I thought of including all common file types, just to see what the Apache's handler would do with them, but restricted myself to cgi and html, instead. The Apache people may write for any file types; I haven't gone into it with them which file types their handler works with.

prinoer at aol.com

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