[pmwiki-users] Variable $GroupPattern

olivier at vvma.net olivier at vvma.net
Tue Nov 20 13:46:44 CST 2012

Hi Peter Bowers (pbowers at pobox.com) ;
You wrote :

> >> Is there a reason why $GroupPattern=<something> would work if written
> >> in local/config.php but would not when written in farmconfig.php ?
> >
> > No.
> As Petko indicated, the first thing to do is to ensure that your farm
> is correctly configured to actually process farmconfig.php.

Oh but it is :-/

The rest of the rather heavy config does work as expected. Now that I
know that «there is no reason», I intend to go hunt for a typo (rather
unlikely, I pasted from the file to my mail), or a redefinition of
some sort.

If you have the time, light a candel for me... ;-)

Thanks a lot for you replies,

Best regards,


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