[pmwiki-users] Variable $GroupPattern

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Nov 19 16:19:04 CST 2012

olivier at vvma.net writes:
> Is there a reason why $GroupPattern=<something> would work if written
> in local/config.php but would not when written in farmconfig.php ?


Is the file farmconfig.php in a "local" directory in the same directory  
where pmwiki.php is?

Both "pmwiki.php" and "local" should be in the same directory, and  
"farmconfig.php" is inside "local". The farm fields should each have an  
"index.php" file which includes pmwiki.php.

> I wanted to allow groups to begin with a digit, followed
> the doc saying:
>   $GroupPattern = '[[:upper:]\\d][\\w]*(?:-\\w+)*';

This should work, just double-check for some typo, eg. $Grouppattern with a  
lowercase "p" wouldn't work.

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