[pmwiki-users] Variable $GroupPattern

olivier at vvma.net olivier at vvma.net
Mon Nov 19 14:06:31 CST 2012


Is there a reason why $GroupPattern=<something> would work if written
in local/config.php but would not when written in farmconfig.php ?

Context is a small farm, pmwiki 2.2.42, otherwise «working as
expected». I wanted to allow groups to begin with a digit, followed
the doc saying:

  $GroupPattern = '[[:upper:]\\d][\\w]*(?:-\\w+)*';

would do it.

In farmconfig, no way. In local/config, way.

But since three farmed wiki should enjoy this, I do regret not being
able to set this in farmconfig, of course.

I am probably doing something wrong, but can't see it.

Best regards,


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