[pmwiki-users] New version of AddLinkBookmarklet

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jun 28 21:22:23 CDT 2012

tamouse mailing lists writes:
> I've been working on making quite a few changes to the
> AddLinkBookmarklet recipe
> (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/AddLinkBookmarklet) and I'd
> rather like to post them, but I'm not sure where is appropriate.
> Should I attach my changed version (called addlink-tags2.zip) to the
> original recipe page and modify it, or would it be more appropriate to
> write a new recipe page?

My general thoughts:
Maybe contact the original author for his opinion. He may wish to review and  
include your changes, or even let you take over the recipe as a maintainer.  
Otherwise, if the license of the recipe allows it, you can fork it and  
publish your own versions.

If you attach your own files to a recipe by another developer, it may be a  
good idea to name your files with distinctive names and not overwrite the  
files that are not yours. (We have per-group uploads, so attaching a file to  
a different page in the Cookbook group may also overwrite an existing file.)

About this recipe: there are already versions created by others and attached  
to the same recipe. Is it better this way (the Cookbook:PITS page also has  
versions, the Flash recipes too) or is it better to have different cross- 
linked cookbook pages for every version (like the TOC and Math recipes)? I  
don't know - both ways may be hard for newcomers.

At any rate it is better to have more choice than less, so do publish your  

What do all of you think?


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