[pmwiki-users] Sudden strange behavior in pagelist

Boblitz John John.Boblitz at BERTSCHI.com
Thu Jan 26 00:56:06 CST 2012

Good Morning,
about a week ago, a User of mine noticed that pagelist was omitting entries.
I checked and verified that the missing documents in question fulfilled the criteria, and can not
explain why they are not included in the list.
here is the command:
'+**(:pagelist group=BWAPP name=BWAPP.ProgrammerMeeting* list=normal fmt=title order=-ctime count=10:)**+'
It should list the last 10 Meeting Minutes in reverse chronological order - which it did just fine until about a week ago.
Yesterday, we noticed a second instance in a seperate list:
(:pagelist group=BWG11 list=normal fmt=title  :)
Again, I checked that the missing documents met the criteria and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the inclusion / exclusion.
I am currently running 2.2.21 on Debian Squeeze, php 5.3.3-7.
Any idea what may be causing this / how to fix?  Please note - it was working fine until about a week ago and pmWiki has not been updated in months.  I security patch the server regularly, so maybe a recent in responsible.
Upgrading pmWiki is an option, but I'd like to know if this is a known problem ...



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