[pmwiki-users] After recent upgrade of pmwiki, my php cannot write to a calendar page.

John Bowling johnlb2002 at cox.net
Tue Feb 21 23:59:54 CST 2012

It went through the last few upgrades with no problem, but now it 
refuses to actually write the data to a pmcal calendar page.

The write routine is:
   $DocRoot = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];  // Where are we? (base pointer 
to the files on server)
   $CalFile = 
   $fp = fopen($CalFile, 'a+') or die("can not open file");
   fwrite($fp, $EventText);

There are no errors, and using 'a', 'a+', 'w' or 'w+' in the open 
statement makes no difference. It will not create a new file, or write 
anything to an existing file. With this, history is irrelevant. The page 
will be wiped out soon after the month is over with.

This is on the host server (GoDaddy), and I have set permissions to 2777 
on both wiki.d and on an existing Calendar.20120218 file and then tried 
the write - nothing changed in the Calendar.Calendar.20120218 file. As I 
said, the previous version of pmwiki worked.

I have also had it print out the values of $DocRoot and $CalFile and 
both look proper.

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