[pmwiki-users] Transferring pmWiki installations

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Dec 17 04:20:46 CST 2012

Atul Vaidya writes:
> Would it be possible to create the entire  
> documentation content on my computer (Windows 7 32 bit) and then transfer the  
> entire installation to my server (CentOS 64 bit) or am I liable to run into  
> too many issues.

The content (texts and uploaded files) can usually be transferred without  
any problem, but before that the online installation needs to be working  
correctly - skin, recipes, passwords. The two config.php files should be  
mostly the same.

It is possible that the passwords need to be reset; PHP on different systems  
use different functions to hash and check the passwords, so a password set  
on one system may be unrecognized on another. If you use group or page  
passwords, you may have to reset them on the remote system after every  
update of the protected pages. If you set password hashes in config.php,  
just use your-online-wiki/pmwiki.php?action=crypt to get the hashes.

There is also the issue of uppercase extensions of the uploaded files. On  
Windows you can have file.JPG or file.jpg and both will work fine. On a  
server only file.jpg with lowercase extension will work. So, it is easier to  
remember to always have your uploaded files with lowercase extensions -  
easier than to try to fix them later. If you upload your files via the  
PmWiki interface, they will be correctly renamed to lowercase, but on a WAMP  
server you can just place the files on the filesystem.

Other than that, as Simon said, in some cases the $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl  
variables need to be set or changed. But usually the default ones work fine.

After the two installations are working and looking mostly the same way, you  
only need to transfer the files in the wiki.d and uploads directories. When  
you update the content on one installation, just sync it to the other.


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