[pmwiki-users] Redirect after login, $LoginRedirectFmt?

Russ pmwiki at russhosting.com
Thu Dec 13 08:57:31 CST 2012

Just change the login link to the page you want them redirected?

Two quick ways if you want a member to see Members/Home (for example) 
after login:

1 - Simply make the login link the Members/Home page ... if you have 
read permissions set for that group, any member not already logged in 
will be presented with the login page.

2 - Make the login link something like [[Members/Home?action=login|Log 
In to Members Area]]

On 13/12/2012 2:40 AM, Oliver Betz wrote:
> Hello All,
> how can I redirect to a specific page after a successful login?
> TIA,
> Oliver

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