[pmwiki-users] Redirect after login, $LoginRedirectFmt?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Thu Dec 13 08:12:34 CST 2012

Petko Yotov wrote:

>> how can I redirect to a specific page after a successful login?
>If you have a login link like [[{*$FullName}?action=login]] you can just set  
>the desired pagename instead of the current one, for example  
>Alternatiely, if your admin page is read-protected and only logged-in users  
>can see it, you don't even need ?action=login. For example, on most wikis,  
>if a user clicks on a link like [[Site admin/]] pmwiki will display the  
>login form (the SiteAdmin/ group is locked and requires admin privileges).

so simple, thanks.

I was somewhat focused on not revealing the internal place, but that's
not important.

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (oliverbetz.de)

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