[pmwiki-users] Issue displaying contents of group

Mike Holisky mholisky at mcad.edu
Tue Dec 11 13:24:57 CST 2012

Hi All,

I just upgraded from 2.1.26 to 2.2.45 and I'm having issues with my
groups not displaying their contents.  When I click on the contents link
for each of my groups, all I get is the contents of "Site". Like
"AllRecentChanges, AuthForm, Authuser..." and never the list of pages
that I expect.

For instance I've got this in my sidebar

This is in my Admin.Contents page.
(:include {$SiteGroup}.Contents:)

I'm at a lost on how I can get my users to display all the pages in
group when .Contents does not work.

-Mike Holisky

Mike Holisky
Systems Administrator (Linux/DBA)
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Phone (612)874-3838 x1838
mholisky at mcad.edu

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