[pmwiki-users] mini with either ultralightbox or galleria

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Dec 6 03:24:56 CST 2012

Peter Bowers writes:
> On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 11:02 PM, Petko Yotov <<URL:mailto: 
> 5ko at 5ko.fr>5ko at 5ko.fr> wrote:
> > Peter Bowers writes:
> >>
> >> I just installed mini and originally tried it with the default  
> ultralightbox and then tried installing the galleria plugin.  What I'm seeing  
> is a simple list of thumbnails.  What I want to see is some kind of  
> interactive slideshow where the user can scroll through the pictures in a  
> larger size as compared to the thumbnails.
> http://www.qdk.org/pmwiki/index.php?n=Inovat.FirepitTest
> include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/mini.php");
> $Mini['EnableLightbox'] = 2;
> $Mini['EnableCache'] = 1;
> $Mini['LbUrl'] = '$FarmPubDirUrl/galleria';
> $Mini['LbFiles'] = array('jquery-1.7.min.js', 'galleria-1.2.5.min.js',
>   'themes/classic/galleria.classic.min.js', 'mini-galleria.js');

This looks good.

> The galleria/ and ultralightbox/ directories are both in what I believe to be  
> my $FarmPubDirUrl.  I say "I believe" because I've only verified this via FTP  
> -- not sure how to verify it via the URL itself.  ($FPDU is  
> <URL:http://pmwiki.qdk.org/pub>http://pmwiki.qdk.org/pub as confirmed by an  
> echo in config.php)

I have looked at the source of your page and tried to load some external  
references - styles and scripts. I get some not found or internal server  
errors, so I assume your $FarmPubDirUrl variable is not correctly set.

Other recipes are also not correctly loaded: WikiStylesPlus and AttachTable  
don't get their *.css files either.

In a typical wikifarm, you have a single set of the PmWiki core files and  
recipes, and in the fields you only have index.php files which include the  
core pmwiki.php.

The $FarmD variable is the one with pmwiki.php, and there can be two "pub"  
directories, one in $FarmD, the other in the field (where index.php is).

So, your $PubDirUrl variable should point to the one in the field (it will  
contain css/local.css (this one seems correct at your wiki, as a file is  
loaded, but not the one you listed below :); and $FarmPubDirUrl should point  
to the "pub" directory where pmwiki.php is. By "point" I understand supply  
the URL which is reachable via internet.

When your field is not on the same (sub)domain as the farm, PmWiki cannot  
detect $FarmPubDirUrl automatically, so you need to set it in  
$FarmD/local/farmconfig.php. But you first need to know where it is.

> This particular site (<URL:http://www.qdk.org>www.qdk.org) is a farm with the  
> "root farm" located at <URL:http://pmwiki.qdk.org>pmwiki.qdk.org. 

The second link gives me Internal Server Error so I cannot load anything.  
There may be some problem with the .htaccess file. Your $FarmPubDirUrl  
variable should probably be set to "http://pmwiki.qdk.org/pub" or  
"http://pmwiki.qdk.org/pmwiki/pub" but you need to fix the server error  

> Would a tree listing of the directories on  
> the server under each of these pub directories be helpful?

It may be, and you can send them to me off-list.

> I'm pretty sure I put all the necessary lines (as per installation  
> instructions) in the pub/local.css file.  I don't play much with css, so I  
> could have very easily made a mistake here...  Below is the entire contents  
> of my $FarmPubDirUrl/local.css file (relevant lines at the end):

No, PmWiki doesn't load  $FarmPubDirUrl/local.css, local.css is in  
$PubDirUrl/css/local.css. "local" means of one wiki, not of the whole farm.

> ===(snip local.css)===
> img.thumbs {
>  border:1px solid #dddddd; margin:2px; padding:4px; vertical-align: middle; }
> img.thumbs:hover, table.thumbtable td.thumbtd div.img:hover {
>  border:1px solid red; }
> table.thumbtable img.thumbs { border: 0; padding:0; }
> table.thumbtable td.thumbtd {  margin:4px; padding:2px;}
> table.thumbtable td.thumbtd:hover { border-color:red; }
> table.thumbtable { border:1px solid #cccccc; }
> table.thumbtable td.thumbtd div.img {
>  border: 1px solid #dddddd; text-align: center;}
> .caption {
>  font-size:.8em; overflow:hidden; padding:0px; line-height:1.1em;}
> img.current, table.thumbtable td.thumbtd div.current {
>  border-color: #ff0000;}
> table.firstrow th { background-color:#FFF68F }
> .mini { padding:2px; border:1px solid #dddddd; background-color:#ffffff; }
> .miniH, .miniF {display:block;}

This file is not loaded from your page, but another one is loaded and it  
also contains the .mini settings.


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