[pmwiki-users] Would the sqlite recipe gain anything in storing pages in separate tables based on group?

Alex Eftimiades alexeftimiades at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 12:23:03 CDT 2012

I know it has been a while since this was brought up, but I have  
thought about it a lot since then, and I had one more question about  
My wiki uses pagelists extensively--in fact every page has a  
complicated pagelist as a "group footer" that lists related pages and  
generates maps. Since I always have the pages searched by group, it  
seems like in this case it might still make sense to create separate  
tables for each group because for every direct page request, every  
page in the database will be read. With separate tables for different  
groups you would only have to pull up the tables in the groups you are  
searching in.

This seemed to make sense to me, and I just wanted to have someone who  
knows databases and/or the sqlite recipe confirm or refute my  


On Aug 6, 2012, at 11:17 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:

> Alex Eftimiades writes:
>> 	I just got the sqlite recipe working with all the pages switched  
>> over to the database, and after looking at the database structure,  
>> I thought it was odd that it did not use separate tables for  
>> different groups. I would think this would cut down on the time it  
>> takes to access pages, but I could be wrong.
> Yes, having all pages in a single table cuts down the time it takes  
> to access a table and a page in the table.
>> I do not know very much about databases in general.
> Generally (and in this case too) when records (here: wikipages) have  
> the same structure, they are better to be in the same table, not in  
> different tables.
>> I was just wondering whether this was worth working on.
> Probably not, if you want to optimize the recipe.
> Probably yes, if you want to learn about managing SQLite databases  
> with PHP.
> Petko
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