[pmwiki-users] "Fatal Memory Error" on Save

David Bruce Murray dbmurray at musicscribe.com
Mon Apr 23 15:32:37 CDT 2012

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> On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 4:22 PM, David Bruce Murray
> <dbmurray at musicscribe.com> wrote:
>> Last night, contributors to my wiki began getting this error message 
>> after
>> clicking Save when editing a page:
>> Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 103809024 bytes exhausted (tried to
>> allocate 96994171 bytes) in
>> /nfs/c10/h01/mnt/141983/domains/sghistory.com/html/scripts/pagelist.php 
>> on
>> line 422
> What cookbooks do you have installed?  If you have TotalCounter
> installed you might try commenting that out and see if that solves the
> problem.
> Otherwise (make a backup first) start commenting out your recipes from
> your config.php one by one until the problem goes away.  Whatever was
> the last one, that is your problem.  Either leave it uninstalled or
> report back to the list here to see if anybody can help you figure out
> why that recipe is causing the problem.
> I'm assuming there have been no changes in your hosting, no problems
> with your server, etc...
> I'm also assuming that you've tested this with fairly simple pages.
> Approximately how many pages do you have in total on your wiki?
> I tried to do a bit of testing myself but you've got a password on
> even the sandbox, so there's not much I can do...

The site is large...17,000 pages or more.

I don't have TotalCounter installed. I have fastcache, spaced and swf-sites2 
in the cookbook folder, but I'm not pointing to spaced in config.php and 
fastcache.php is already commented out. spacewikiwords is in the local 
folder and enabled.

My host went down for about 45 minutes a few days ago. Another recent change 
is that they have recently done away with PHP 4 support, but I was already 
using PHP 5.3.10 (going from memory, but I think that's the correct 
version)...so I don't think that's an issue.

Thanks for the tips. I'll try your suggestions on the config.php file when I 
get home tonight and report back.

Thanks again,
David Bruce Murray 

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