[pmwiki-users] Multi PmWiki Groups

Al Louis Ripskis ripskis at sprynet.com
Sat Apr 7 08:29:32 CDT 2012

A while back you wrote an intriguing piece called “Why Wiki Groups?” on how adaptable and expandable the PmWiki engine is, and that it doesn’t require that much of administrator’s input: 
“To show how well it works in practice, the student wiki at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi currently has 5,372 Wiki Groups.  Yes, that's *groups* -- there are currently over 180,000 *pages* on that wiki.”
The PmWiki that I’m constructing needs only 56 state & territory wiki groups and at least 435 Congressional district wiki groups. 
How would I set this up so that all these outside groups can be pretty well autonomous in registering and doing their own maintenance, as apparently you did at A&M? 
What codes and additions to config.php file, etc. would be required? The 3-page  “Wiki Group” document is pretty sparse on the details. 
Finally what kind of encryption do you recommend for security?
Thanking you in advance and Happy Easter,

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