[pmwiki-users] Getting calandar data to email

John Bowling johnlb2002 at cox.net
Tue Sep 27 20:28:19 CDT 2011

On 09/12/2011 07:41 AM, John Bowling wrote:
> I'm working on a PHP tool to extract the data from a calandar page
> (PmCal) and insert it into the body of an email message to work with
> Notify. It will take me a while. I am not a PHP programmer, but I have
> outlined some of what it takes in Bash.
> John

I have a preliminary php utility that will read the wiki.d 
calendar.yyyymmdd files and send the information with a "text=" heading 
by email. I am now generating a form that will require specific types of 
data and will then post it to the calendar and generate the email.

This way people know what they are looking at rather than some rather 
random and run together information that makes little sense. And the 
postings and emails will be of a uniform nature.


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