[pmwiki-users] SmugMug

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Wed Sep 14 00:19:58 CDT 2011

Hello all,

over time, I have been using PmWiki for my personal homepage, primarily 
for showing private pictures to password-protected groups. Set up quite 
a few plugins for image display, password handling, and the like.

Nevertheless, it still is some effort to set up a new page, and I am 
strongly considering to move my image display over to SmugMug, where I 
can directly upload images from Lightroom (my image database) and the 
interface still is smoother than what I ever set up.

Now I am wondering whether there may be a compromise between these two 
-- a way to host images on SmugMug, but still have them displayed in one 
of my PmWiki galleries as well. Additional complication: Both the 
SmugMug gallery and the PmWiki site should be private, i.e. password 

Any ideas, anyone? Thank you so much!


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