[pmwiki-users] It's time to change pmwiki default skin!

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Sat Sep 24 10:31:18 CDT 2011

Sorry, there is an error in my last posting:

>I have a different apporach: I change the style of the current action
>e.g. the background colour, for example with a background colour and
>not being a link:
>  $HTMLStylesFmt[] = ' .{$Action} { background-color: lightblue; }';

this adds bacground colour for the current action, but this:

>  SetTmplDisplay('PageActionFmt',0);

Was wrong. I use 

  if($action == "browse") $LinkPageSelfFmt =
  "<span class='selflink'>\$LinkText</span>"; # avoid self-links

but I don't remember why I limited this to the "browse" action. There
was a reason, though...


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