[pmwiki-users] It's time to change pmwiki default skin!

Rogutės Sparnuotos rogutes at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 22 03:00:14 CDT 2011

Forgeot Eric (2011-09-21 22:08):
> > http://paulgiacherio.kodingen.com/pmwiki/pmwiki-2.2.30/pmwiki.php?n=PmWiki.DocumentationIndex
> it just looks simple and gorgeous at the same time. I think something like that (or even this one) could be a good candidate for the default skin on pmwiki.org

I also like it's appearance.
It is centered (when the width is above 1280px), as some people wanted.
The layout is flexible.

* usability suffers because of the colors (see below);
* the sidebar text overflows into content when zooming or the width is too
* CSS is too complex/verbose (but I haven't studied it seriously).

> What I like on this one:
> - the content is written with darker letters than the menu so when we see the page, we don't feel overwhelmed by the secondary informations. It's **very** important in my opinion, because as explained before, the pmwiki menu is quite huge

Yes, less distractions is a good thing, but the navigation links are too
light for me (light gray on white background). Moreover, navigation links
are important too, but try to focus and read them from top to bottom on
this page. If I change the color from #999 to #777, it becomes good enough
to me.

> - the content font is easily readable and nice for the eyes

The way fonts are specified is not good:
* font-family:Georgia;
* font-family:Arial;
They need a serif and sans-serif fallbacks respectively.

I haven't got Georgia and my browser uses a sans-serif fallback, so I am
not sure what you are seeing, but I remember someone shouting "please, no
Georgia!" in this discussion (wonder if it has any merit).

> - the links color is still blue (but nicer than color:blue) so Jakob Nielsen won't feel too shocked. 

I would like them to be darker (it's bright blue text on light background
now), would make it easier to concentrate on the text. Perhaps something
like #000099.

> <snip>

I wonder whether Paul Giacherio anticipated this dissection of his(?)

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos

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