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Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri May 27 06:21:34 CDT 2011

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 9:44 AM, Oguz Altun <oguz at ce.yildiz.edu.tr> wrote:

> I have this wiki installation that I spend quite a time to install recipes,
> write my own download application, etc... So, I want to just transfer (some
> of) it to this new site, change the logo, skin, etc, and get a new site with
> hopefully much less work. In fact It would be real fine to periodically sync
> them, to ease maintaining.
> The two sites are running on linux machines, and my only access is through
> ftp. So, no rsync or unison to me. Furthermore, my desktop machine is a
> windows. So when I transfer to my desktop, e.g. by wget, permissions are
> lost. Big down for me.
> So, how can I transfer/sync these two? Thx.

I think you've got a problem here that won't be solved in a single step...


FTP doesn't "do" permissions and ownership well.

A little browsing came up with this tool:


which may or may not be able to handle it.  Looks like it does have some
nice sync capabilities.  But I don't think the permissions & ownership are
really solvable by FTP in a generic way since you're dealing with
cross-platform issues...

This may be helpful in the sync-over-ftp realm as well (it's what I use as
my backup solution both locally as well as to the cloud):


(SyncBackSE has some helpful features that are definitely worth the price,
but the freeware version should handle what you need at least at the start)

Unfortunately I don't think any of these are solving your ownership and
permission problems.  However, maybe a simple custom action might be able to
fix things for you -- try putting this in your config.php (or in a
page-specific customization file):

$HandleActions['fixperms'] = 'FixPerms';
$HandleAuth['fixperms'] = 'admin';
function FixPerms($pagename, $auth='admin')
   if (!RetrieveAuthPage($pagename, $auth, true, READPAGE_CURRENT)) {
Abort("?unable to read $pagename"); }
   foreach (ListPages() as $file)

CAVEAT #1: I haven't actually tested it (minor detail - *grin*) but it's
maybe a start in the right direction
CAVEAT #2: I'm not sure what implications this might have security-wise...
Other wiser folks will have to give their input on that.
CAVEAT #3: I'm not sure if fixperms() will be able to handle the difference
between FTP owner and apache owner...  However, I think that's just a quick
chown with a wildcard via FTP (could be included in an FTP script, I
believe)...  (Again, haven't tried it)

The overall idea would be to sync with server #1 to your windoze machine,
then sync to server #2 using the same directory in windoze.  Now #2 and
windoze are entirely most-recent.  Then do the sync back to server #1 and
all directories are in sync.  Then load a page on each server with
?action=fixperms appended to the URL and theoretically everybody is a happy

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