[pmwiki-users] WYSIWYG is Indispensable; Moment of Truth

jdd-gmane jdd at dodin.org
Mon May 23 16:08:01 CDT 2011

Le 23/05/2011 18:35, Al Louis Ripskis a écrit :
> Guys, The WYSIWYG feature is indispensable,

WYSIWYG is an inaccessible dream, because the net displayed result is 
html and html i not fitted for WYSIWYG but to accomodate various size 
of windows and various browsers

> There are over 70 wikis out there with WYSIWYG capability according
> to Wikimatrix.

did you test them? the one I know are making more garbage than good 
work, often destructing the usefull markup.

If you want WYSIWYG, use libreoffice as html editor (and suffer the 

You have to teach your users *not to use any markup when typing. Only 
set one empty blank line between each paragraph.

Set the markup afterward. Anyway, wiki are not for long documents.

*NO* markup is really necessary



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