[pmwiki-users] WYSIWYG is Indispensable; Moment of Truth

Al Louis Ripskis ripskis at sprynet.com
Mon May 23 11:35:21 CDT 2011

The WYSIWYG feature is indispensable, not just for "users unwilling or unable" to do the markup. It’s also necessary for people who touch type, and needing to develop a certain rhythm and typing speed before their creative juices start flowing. They can’t do that with markup. That’s the feedback I got from most of my potential clients.

The bottom line: regardless of the reasons, some of us are losing potential clients in droves. That why the WYSIWYG feature is a requirement not an option.

Since we can’t raise the $3,000 within a reasonable period of time to contract Petko, and given that Petko has shot down the installment option, I prose this:

Let’s form a WYSIWYG Group and put brainstorming and synergy to work.

There are over 70 wikis out there with WYSIWYG capability according to Wikimatrix. 
If we have at least 7 volunteers who join our WYSIWYG Group, each of us will check out 10 of the wikis to see if we could incorporate their WYSIWYG plugins or whatever ways their WYSIWYG feature works, and adapt it for the PmWiki engine, with permission. 

There is a valuable discussion of WYSIWYG at http://www.wikimatrix.org/forum/t699-wysiwyg-wiki-syntax . At the bottom of that forum are these 2 graphs:

"In early versions of our wiki product, we used wiki markup, but the feedback from our testers, who were mostly experienced computer users but not 'techies', was that they found this a bit tricky and clumsy to use. When we switched to a WYSIWYG editor, everyone was much happier.

"We're using TinyMCE from Moxiecode as our WYSIWYG plug-in and find it to be pretty good. It produces HTML - and also offers the option to tweak the HTML by hand for the times when something isn't quite right, or you just want to see what it is doing.  It's free, relatively easy to set up and widely used: so I'd definitely recommend considering it, if anyone is looking at incorporating a WYSIWYG editor into their product."

Could someone check out whether this TinyMCE from Moxiecode WYSIWYG plug-in could work for PmWiki?

There is more valuable stuff on WYSIWYG at 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_wiki_software See Feature 2, WYSIWYG Editing.

Now the moment of truth: 
Are you going to join our WYSIWYG Group, roll up your sleeves and help us get the WYSIWYG feature for PmWiki?
Or are we going to sit back and Wait for Godot?
P.S. If you got other positive ideas, thoughts or approaches, by all means share them with us. That’s what brainstorming and synergy are all about. 

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