[pmwiki-users] List of predefined CSS styles and IDs

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue May 10 10:40:39 CDT 2011

Hans wrote:

>> is there a list of CSS styles and IDs defined in PmWiki sources?

maybe I should have been writing "used" instead of "defined".

>I don't think there is. PmWiki "injects" a number of styles
>into a page's HTML head. On top of that the default PmWiki skin
>uses a file pmwiki.css for skin specific styling.
>Other skins use there own style sheets.
>A long time ago we had a discussion if the core styles, which get
>injected, could not be moved into a core stylesheet file, at least as
>an option. But nothing came of it.

Wasn't there a reason why some styles are in the HTML?

>I opted for the Gemini, Fixflow and Triad skins to get rid of this
>style injection of core styles, and these skins provide those core
>styles in a separate file pm-core.css. So you can find a list of
>core style definitions in that file as part of any of these skins.
>Otherwise you need to hunt around the various PmWiki scripts
>looking for $HTMLStylesFmt.

I'm thinking about hardcoded references like in

  return "<span class='wikitrail'>$prev$trailname$next</span>";

IMO it would be good to have a list of styles used in the PmWiki
sources to make sure nothing important is missed when creating a skin.


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