[pmwiki-users] Making a button wikistyle

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Mar 23 05:32:13 CDT 2011

On 21/03/2011 15:20, Randy Brown wrote:
> Peter, thanks for the explanation. No wonder I couldn't find the CSS styling in PmWiki - it's done by the browser! 

But don't forget that you can apply CSS to style the buttons also?
Google a bit for CSS and Buttons and you will find a bunch of css
styles, also many links talking about how browsers format buttons
differently and how you can benefit from a "reset" style sheet to
normalise those also.  Once you know the CSS you want it's just a case
of adding those styles to PMWiki

Note I have setup my wikis to largely deviate from the PMWiki formatting
and do near everything through CSS.  I use say /Site/StyleSheet to be my
CSS page, and now it's easily editable through the wiki itself.  That
page can use wiki "includes" to allow construction of the main style
sheet from a bunch of sub pages , eg /Site/StyleSheetButtons.  Finally I
use some magic to ensure that the converted style is generated only when
the wiki pages change and not every page request

This works brilliantly and I would hope that this way of thinking starts
to work it's way into the core?

Good luck

Ed W

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