[pmwiki-users] WikiTitle

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 12:19:26 CST 2011


what is your preferred way to use the HTML <title> tag?
PmWiki's default skin set it in its template as:

<title>$WikiTitle | {$Group} / {$Title} $ActionTitle</title>

$WikiTitle is set in config, and the other variables get filled in
from the page name and action used.

Since the HTML title is directly used in Google's search results
as the heading, I like to employ a more sophisticated way to generate
a meaningful title.

For instance there is no need IMO for HomePage to appear in the title,
nor a doubling of names, for instance as for a page Gallery.Gallery.
And what good is $ActionTitle?

so what is your approach?


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