[pmwiki-users] uploads failing

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Thu Jul 7 14:20:56 CDT 2011

hi friends

so my hosting provider has just totally hosed my site, and can't figure out what they've done wrong. the problem is that no one can now upload any files to the server using the ?action=upload interface (doing it via ftp is fine). i've got 3 different wikis on my site, each with slightly different versions, all exhibiting the same behavior.

the host admin is asking whether there's a way to get a more verbose message than the one that shows up on the upload page that says "myFile.jpg: no file uploaded" - they think the actual error is being masked.
is there a way to see what else is happening (or not happening) during this upload?

also, regarding permissions, the uploads are failing with my 'uploads' folder set to 755 or 777. it's also failing for groups with preexisting directories and for groups with none (i.e. that are supposed to be created in the process of uploading).

other info:
- this all came about after they tried to fix some spam abuse stuff - they changed my exim interface IP (and likely something else in the process).

thanks a million.
avoid hostgo (this is like the 20th time they've messed something up), : (

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