[pmwiki-users] Preformatted text problem

tkcusr tkcusr at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 27 17:02:18 CST 2011

 > From: Richard <pmwiki at rain4us.net>
 > Subject: Re: [pmwiki-users] Preformatted text problem
 > To: "tkcusr" <tkcusr at yahoo.com>
 > Date: Saturday, February 26, 2011, 7:37 PM
 > On 2/26/2011 1:29 PM, tkcusr wrote:
 > > Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
 > > <snip>
 > >> So, in the case you've posted, what we have is:
 > >>
 > >>    :definition:definition text
 > >>
 > >>          Preformatted
 > text
 > >>          Preformatted
 > text
 > >>     continuation of
 > definition
 > >>          Preformatted
 > text
 > >>
 > >
 > > That is wrong. Definition is not continuing, the
 > <dl> is already terminated before the preformatted
 > text.
 > > There's not even a new <dt>-<dd> pair
 > around "continuation of definition". It's surrounded by
 > another <dl></dl> pair , it's rendered as a new
 > list, and it's also malformed because it does not have
 > <dt>. Please check the generated html.
 > How bout this, TK.  Why don't you post some actual
 > valid text as you would be using it rather than just a
 > series of numbers.  Maybe the problem isn't in the
 > markup but in how you are trying to use it.

Why are you responding to topics you do not understand?
I'm posting all the evidence, I'm making all the explanation, but all I 
get is some Wiki 101 response from PM, and emotional reaction from 
cowards posting private responses with no clue what I'm talking about.

 > There is a concise witty remark in here somewhere about
 > function dictates form or some such.   Bottom
 > line is: put away the vinegar, quit taking things personally
 > and help the pmwiki community help you.  Getting your
 > panties in a wad isn't productive.

First off: Do not ever patronize me. You're (and noone here is) in no 
position to do that, and if you think you are, I say you're deluded. Go 
practice your delusions on someone else.

Secondly, I haven't got any real help in reponse to my posts to make me 
productive so far (including one correct answer from P.Bowers because 
I'd already figured it out by the time he'd posted it, but I returned 
his favor with a thank you response anyway). I've all figured it out by 
myself. I've even took all that "lost in translation"-like responses 
from PM seriously and sincerely responded, posted insights and a patch. 
That was a mistake; apparently I've been so much submissive without 
taking anything, and now I'm getting spoiled nobility attitude expecting 
me to spoonfeed them. That will not happen.
And I'm not interested in anything you, or anyone else, have to say me 
in private. If you do not have the guts to post it in public, back off.

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