[pmwiki-users] Preformatted text problem

tkcusr tkcusr at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 13:29:25 CST 2011

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> PmWiki treats any line that aligns horizontally with the text of a
> previous list item as being a continuation of that list item.  This
> is very useful for something like:
>      # This is the first item
>        * This is a bullet list nested in the first item
>        * More bullet list
>        More text that is still part of the first item
>      # This is the second item
> Without this "aligned text continues a list item" feature, getting
> the "More text ..." to be part of the first item is very difficult.
> Also, the above markup is what people naturally expect to work.

This explanation is not relevant to my case, because there's nothing 
that continues there.

> So, in the case you've posted, what we have is:
>    :definition:definition text
>          Preformatted text
>          Preformatted text
>     continuation of definition
>          Preformatted text

That is wrong. Definition is not continuing, the <dl> is already 
terminated before the preformatted text.
There's not even a new <dt>-<dd> pair around "continuation of 
definition". It's surrounded by another <dl></dl> pair , it's rendered 
as a new list, and it's also malformed because it does not have <dt>. 
Please check the generated html.

> I'm not willing to claim that preformatted text should
> automatically halt the definition list.  One might say that
> the heading should halt the definition list... but I'm not
> even inclined to agree with that.

Heading should not terminate a dl? Some markup that starts at the first 
column following a dl not terminating it? Oh, well.

> The solution to the problem is fairly simple -- use [==]
> to force the end of the definition list:

This is not a solution, it's a workaround. I'll settle with this 
workaround rather than reading more of your contradictory remarks.

> Or, use [@...@] for the preformatted text.

I need to insert wiki markup into preformatted text so I can't use that.
Thank you.

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