[pmwiki-users] Where park PmWiki while it is under construction? Standalone?

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sun Feb 20 12:46:10 CST 2011

Welcome to the pmwiki community, Al Louis!

I would *not* suggest you play with the standalone version of pmwiki:
it would just be one more layer of difficulty for you, with no real

I agree with Gilles, instead: adopting a site-wide "read" password
would probably be more than enough.
You might even want to extend it to source, diff, print, upload and
other typical actions.

The link Gilles gave to you, plus this one
should make most things clear.
Actually, it is a very easy thing to do: just a small edit to your
config.php file, it would take no more than 30 seconds overall.

There are many other "creative" ways to limit access to you wiki.
As an example: you might add something like

 order allow,deny
 Deny from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 allow from all

into the .htaccess file placed into your wiki root folder.
This way everybody will be able to see your wiki *but* those under the
specified ip range.
And, of course, you might also do the reverse, including your own ip
and excluding the others...

Try it, and ask again if in doubt.


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