[pmwiki-users] Where park PmWiki while it is under construction? Standalone?

Russ pmwiki at russhosting.com
Sun Feb 20 09:41:44 CST 2011

The only issue I've found using the Standalone option is if you're 
working with any additional scripts that require an absolute URL path, 
or are integrating a hosted service that will only accept requests from 
a specific domain name.  Yes, you can specify localhost as the path with 
any scripts, but you need to track down and replace all of those 
references when you move to the live server.

If you want to develop the wiki on a live server and only need to 
protect the actual content (not hide the design), you can read-protect 
the entire wiki so visitors are greeted with a login page.  The hide the 
entire project, you can develop the site under /pmwiki.php (or some 
random name for the script that no one should guess, such as adz34f.php) 
and simply place an index.html parking page in the directory that will 
load for visitors.  Or do both.  When it comes time to go live, remove 
the read password, restore the wiki name to pmwiki.php, and replace 
index.html with an index.php file containing "/|<?php 


On 20/02/2011 9:06 AM, Al Louis Ripskis wrote:
> I'm brand new to the game and am in process of constructing a public 
> interest PmWiki.
> Where do I park it while it is in construction?
> Since I don't want anyone to see it while it is incomplete, I'm 
> hesitant in putting on my Internet server.
> Is it a good idea to use the Standalone option first, while it is in 
> progress, and when it is finished--then put it on my Web server?
> If I should put it on the web server from the beginning, then how do I 
> block it's visibility, while I'm constructing it?
> Would appreciate a step--by-step instruction, since I'm new to PmWiki.
> Thanks a million,
> Al
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