[pmwiki-users] Request for SSH or FTP access to a Mac server with Apache/PmWiki

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Dec 31 04:45:20 CST 2011

I found the problem, it is the filename "normalization" performed by the HFS+ 
filesystem on Mac OS X -- it changes certain bits in some international 
characters and PmWiki cannot recognize them.


This cannot be fixed by PmWiki, but we can make PmWiki encode those characters 
in the filenames so that they don't get changed/lost. 

From version 2.2.37, it should be possible to add to config.php such a line:

  $WikiDir->encodefilenames = 1;


On Friday 30 December 2011 21:03:08, Petko Yotov wrote :
> The user runs Apache with PHP 5.3.6 on a Mac server and he had the same
> problem on different Macs, snow leopard and lion. He has a WikiGroup named
> "Décrets" and reportedly such pagelists don't show the pages (they show
> nothing):
>   (:pagelist group=Décrets:) or (:pagelist name=Décrets.*:)
> The following pagelists reportedly show the pages:
>   (:pagelist:) or (:pagelist trail=Décrets.RecentChanges:)

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