[pmwiki-users] Request for SSH or FTP access to a Mac server with Apache/PmWiki

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Dec 30 14:03:08 CST 2011


A user in the French mailing list has some trouble with international page 
names on PmWiki. As I am unable to reproduce the problems on various GNU/Linux 
servers, I'd like to do some realtime tests on a Mac server with Apache and 
PHP 5.3. 

I'll need to install a PmWiki in a directory, modify some core files and at 
the same time look at the HTTP pages to see why it doesn't behave the way it 
should. These tests should not take more than an hour.

If someone could give me such access, please contact me _privately_ (off list) 
with the FTP/SSH and HTTP addresses of the server. My public SSH key is 

The user runs Apache with PHP 5.3.6 on a Mac server and he had the same 
problem on different Macs, snow leopard and lion. He has a WikiGroup named 
"Décrets" and reportedly such pagelists don't show the pages (they show 

  (:pagelist group=Décrets:) or (:pagelist name=Décrets.*:)

The following pagelists reportedly show the pages:

  (:pagelist:) or (:pagelist trail=Décrets.RecentChanges:)

If you have some experience with a PmWiki installation containing 
international characters in group or page names, or if you can test one, 
please tell me if it works or not. Please mention your PHP/PmWiki versions, 
whether you use UTF-8, per-group subdirectories, or another custom PageStore 

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ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEArj5zA9UydkkT8BU8l6FUjgzWzDI3pRD1wzHJib8nYnr6Mz94YnjCMk6PXwy+XMn7hvRBFoaVCpGYimkB9c2TdbJM3h7/1y0VohkosLmiEbv6QYSNUoyiqQTzJ6W80DBYorEaODr+FJb8RxPMdH3Rd4dtJSqM7MWjT70bwG909zjNHgN9pa7i4bRgmrzbnFvh1NBZKRKGIChFNSprg4nYOdUSJn8ziBHiTmx3xLwMP6BY0xSiAADId67zRr5FQbxS/ysRoNyUUhMKE48GFNuoFihst8KwRY/4UYe62E3H2Ijduut4MViEKMBJZYh9yyXCA62warL4x6ken35KWTtF+w== petko at pc3

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