[pmwiki-users] Sub-dividing page files into sub-folders within each Group folder

V.Krishn vkrishn4 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 12:01:32 CST 2011

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011 02:53:57 AM Peter Bowers wrote:
> > allows to store pages and file uploads un sub-subfolders, the way I
> > previously described.

I am in favour of Pmwiki having atleast a single level subfolder by default.
$WikiDir = new PageStore('wiki.d/{$Group}/{$FullName}');

I can think of atleast one application that can be created with this behaviour 
enabled by default. i.e Pmwiki as a Reader.

It would then be very convenient to send a zipped folder of a Group, say 
Group1.zip, to someone. With a web based application/form one could just 
upload the file, which can then be viewed by simply unzipping it in wiki.d. 
(Not to mention some permission related issues which may arise)

Lets call the zipped file as .pwf (pmwiki format OR portable wiki format), 
assuming this extension is still available. :-)
This could well serve as a simple online based document exchange format that 
does not require any application installed on client side.
If I am not mistaken, there had been such a discussion sometime back.


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