[pmwiki-users] Sub-dividing page files into sub-folders within each Group folder

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sun Dec 18 08:07:17 CST 2011

Although having many page files should not, as a principle [1], be a
problem on a Linux system, my practical experience[2] is that it might
be safer to avoid too large directories, maybe keeping files in the
range of hundreds and trying not to go beyond one thousand *per
directory*, more or less.

Pmwiki already has a well tested way to subdivide wiki.d/ into
subdirectories according to page group, creating and handling
per-group subdirectories [3].
Yet, if one is pretty active in publishing, after a couple of years a
single wiki.d/Subject folder might well be pretty full with some
thousands of files, which might not desirable.

One "natural" approach to this issue would be to further sub-divide
page files into sub-folders within each group, creating and handling
sub-directories named by pages first letter, like in
   Main.HomePage -> wiki.d/Main/H/Main.HomePage
   Main.SomePage -> wiki.d/Main/S/Main.SomePage
   Site.SomePage -> wiki.d/Site/S/Site.SomePage
Of course such a setting could also be enabled just per-group where
appropriate (i.e. not on the Site group, say on Blog or News groups

Pm set up years ago a very similar solution [4] which is where I took
the idea from and which gives me the impression that sub-dividing page
files into sub-folders within each group should not be an hard task at
all (yet beyond my personal skill).

I tried to research more among PITS, mailing lists and pmwiki pages of
all sorts, but found no other ideas to bring this issue forth (did I
miss anything, perhaps?).

Also, I naively tried to mimic/altering Pm settings in [4], changing
instances of "group" with "name", in different combinations, also for
$UploadPrefixFmt variable, without results.

Does anybody envision a more skilled and useful contribution than mine, please?


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