[pmwiki-users] Whither simple, dependable PmWiki login/self-registering mechanism?

Randy Brown alongkiss at aprivatespot.com
Sun Apr 3 21:27:42 CDT 2011


This is great stuff, and getting better! I really like how you can save arbitrary properties for users, and change users' group memberships.

One problem I've discovered with the current version: after I changed a user's password using UserAdmin, the following appeared on the AuthUser page in the clear:

useroldpasswd='myoldpassword' userpasswd='mynewpassword' userpasswd2='mynewpassword'

I'm not sure what you intended to save, but I'm certain it wasn't meant to be saved in the clear.

FYI, I'm putting (:if false:) at the end of my templates so I can provide my own links instead of using the Return to User Actions link that the recipe provides. Please tell me if that's going to be a problem.

Also, you didn't provide custom templates to show how to override anything except the "edit" and "new" forms. I hope everything is eventually overridable, so that I won't be locked into the recipe's terminology and user interface.

Basically, I really like what you've done, and look forward to the next version. I'll let you know if I encounter more problems.


On Apr 3, 2011, at 3:15 PM, Peter Bowers wrote:

> I have just released 2011-04-03 which I believe is ready to be
> declared beta, but I would really like to have some other folks test
> it in different ways in different environments first. 

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