[pmwiki-users] Making homepage links inoperative until newcomers register first

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Apr 2 10:53:53 CDT 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011, 2:32:00 PM, Al Louis Ripskis wrote:

> Nothing happens when I inserted this code that you suggested ...

ok. I looked at your site.
First, add a general read password in config.php:

$DefaultPasswords['read'] = 'id:*';

that will stop puiblic access to your site.

Second, go to Main.HomePage?action=attr
and enter a read password: @nopass
hat will allow public rea access to your home page.

Third, go to Site.PageTopMenu and enclose any action links
in the list with (:if auth edit:)

(:if auth edit:)
* %rel=nofollow accesskey=$[ak_edit]%[[{*$FullName}?action=edit | $[Edit] ]]
* %rel=nofollow accesskey=$[ak_history]%[[{*$FullName}?action=diff | $[History] ]]
* %accesskey=$[ak_recentchanges]%[[{*$Group}/RecentChanges| $[Recent Changes] ]]

Fourth, do the same on Site.PageFootMenu for the links you don't wan
to show for public visitors.

Site.PageTopMenu and Site.PageFootMenu are the pages holding page
actions for the Triad skin you are using.
Site.PageActions is not used.
the skin confuig link in the footer takes you to  apage to find these
pages easily.

Sixth, you may need to use a similar method for any links in the
SideBar, to hide them from public view.

Check throughout by logging out to see the public view of your site.
Add a link for logout for convenience to Site.PageTopMenu:
(:if auth edit:)
* [[{*$FullName}?action=logout| logout {$AuthId}]]


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