[pmwiki-users] Chinese on VMS?

Patrik Schrey patrik.schrey at skynet.be
Wed May 12 12:18:56 CDT 2010

Hi Tim,

I checked quickly the current PmWikiZhCn package and it contains a lot of spam and test files.
You can safely delete all pages that have file names with Chinese characters in it.
Also some of the other pages are sandbox/spam.
I will have a better check later and clean up and I will ask Petko to re-package.


From: "Tim Hewitt" <tim.hewitt at fairchildsemi.com>
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 10:25 AM
To: <pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com>
Subject: [pmwiki-users] Chinese on VMS?

> Is it possible to run the Chinese version on OpenVMS?
> I've downloaded and unzipped the Simplified Chinese translation,
> however when I unzip it I get a large number of files with garbage
> extensions in VMS.
> These look like: PMWIKIZHCN._________;1 on VMS, because the extension
> contains non-printable characters on the VMS system.
> There were Chinese character in the file extensions and that VMS choked on them.
> I guess this means I cannot run PmWiki in Chinese on VMS.
> Is this correct?
> I find it interesting that I can save Chinese characters in the actual
> Wiki itself, but it does not appear that I can run a Chinese version
> itself on VMS.
> Am I just missing something like unicode filename support for VMS?  I
> believe we are running with the ODS-5 Volume Structure already, as I
> have case preservation in the filename now...
> Any ideas other than dumping VMS?
> Thanks,
> -Tim
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