[pmwiki-users] Added EmbedBtn and AttachBtn to attachtable

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Wed Jun 23 01:42:42 CDT 2010

Hi there. i wonder if this following might of any use to anyone  
currently using attachtable.php? i've modified Eemeli's recipe so  
that in the far left column there are buttons that quickly post the  
necessary attach/embed code for each file into the edit window. i've  
been using a modified version of an earlier attachtable recipe with  
buttons enabled for years without a hitch. i just updated to the  
newest version of the recipe, and added and refined my modifications.  
here's how to test it:

1. download the code (available for now at the bottom of the  
Attachtable-Talk page - http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ 

2. substitute my version of cookbook/attachtable/attachtable.php for  
the one normally used with the last distribution
3. add cookbook/attachtable/attachFileBtn03.php
4. in your pub/ directory, add the embedBtns folder (i have the  
origial .ai files in case folks want to mess with the design of the  
5. when adding or updating an attachtable (for instance on  
Site.EditForm), simply add embedBtn=1 or attachBtn=1:

(:attachtable NAME embedBtn=1 ... :)

this will add a button next to each filename - the ones that can be  
embedded in the page (via (:quicktime:), (:flash:), or as an image)  
are assigned an "embed" button. all other files are given a "link"  
button which simply posts the file using the "Attach:" markup.

(:attachtable NAME attachBtn=1 ... :)

this will add a button next to each filename - all files will be  
posted using the simple "Attach:" markup, except for images, which  
will be embedded in the page.

i can provide more in-depth info later. the buttons are using code by  
PM from guiedit.php. i haven't done extensive testing on this newer  
version, so there may be some bugs i've missed. if you think this  
would be an interesting feature to add to the core of the recipe, i'd  
be happy to write-up more extensive documentation that could be added  
to the main page. otherwise, maybe i should just post it somewhere  
else as an alternative version of the recipe?

thanks for the feedback.


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